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AMT supplies total solutions for scale. Our products include:  bagging machine, checkweigher system, mixing weighing system, truck scale.
  1. Bagging machine:
    -          Material kind: sugar, coffee bean, rice, corn, flour, bran, fertilizer,…
    -          Scaling method: scale net weight by weighing barrel.
    -          Scale type: single weigh barrel, double weighing barrel.
    -          Package type: 0.5kg, 2kg, 25kg, 50kg, 60kg, jumbo bags from 500kg to 1500kg.
    -          The system can work continuously 24/7.
    -          Weighed bag counter and saved data even in case of sudden loss of  power supply.
    -          Able to work stably in industrial production environment (dust, high temperature, vibrate,…)
    -          Steady and reliable scale frame structure.
    -          Interface with PC by RS232, RS485.
    -          Weighing management software. 
Parameter Bag 0,5 ÷ 2kg Bag 50 ÷  60kg
Divide 0,001 kg 0,010 kg
Error 5g 0,10% (scale by weighing barrel)£ 0,15% (scale by non weighing barrel)
Capacity 720 bags/h (double weighing barrel) 15 ÷18 tons/h (single weighing barrel)40 tons/h (double weighing barrel)
  1. Checkweigher system :
    -          Checking bag weight according to installed program (total check, random check, batch check)
    -          Nmotor = 1/2Hp + speed reduce box.
    -          Conveyor velocity 8m/minute.
    -          Checking speed adapted  to general requirement of previous bagging machine.
    -          Interface with PC by RS232, RS485.
    -          Checkweigher management software.
    -          In addition, checkweigher system is also considered as a conveyor. 

  2. Mixing-weighing system :
    Mixing-weighing system: cement, fertilizer, concrete
    -          Weghing method:
    + Batching scale: weighing barrel.
    + Continuous scale: belt scale.
    -          Capacity: 15 ÷ 60 m3/h
    -          Controlling mixing
    -     weighing system by computer continuously, accurately and securely.
    -          Operating mode: auto and manual

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